How Do You Improve Your Rankings on Amazon?

Amazon drives hundreds of transactions every second from millions of worldwide sellers. In such an expansive online storefront, the likes of which no one has ever seen before, it is difficult to fully wrap your head around it and understand how to master its sales.

Ranking well on Amazon is not an easy task to conquer which is why many in the business of ecommerce turn to a professional to assist in the handling of Amazon Search Optimization.

51Blocks is well equipped to handle your Amazon SEO concerns. We have dealt with the ecommerce platform for years and know its SEO rankings better than anyone.

In addition to the services we offer helping to improve your personal website or blog, we also work closely with a number of clients building and improving their seller and product pages in order to rank better in Amazon searches.


Amazon Search Engine Optimization Is Vital to Ecommerce

In order to rank well through Amazon search results, you must capitalize on its own SEO, much like Google has their own metrics and algorithms for deciding how listings rank.

Given the flooded market, it is becoming harder to stand out when listing new products on Amazon. 51Blocks can help build your Amazon SEO by:

Some entrepreneurs lack the technical skills to master A9, the search engine that Amazon uses because it is not how their mind operates. They are big thinkers and dreamers with an outstanding business knack, yet not one for understanding a maturing algorithm.

A9 is a somewhat straightforward search engine to master because sellers can populate all the data relevant to their product. However, the algorithm is constantly shifting its metrics which is why it’s best left in the hands of Amazon SEO pros that deal with the algorithm on a daily basis.


51Blocks Wants to Help With Your Amazon SEO

We have witnessed some incredibly smart and successful entrepreneurs comfortable with brick and mortar storefronts struggle to make the transition to e-commerce largely because they are stuck in their old ways.

They falsely believe that the product or service “sells itself” and they have to do little in terms of Amazon Search Optimization to drive people to their seller and product pages.

Achieving high sales on Amazon is not as easy as taking a few product photos, writing up a quick description, then uploading a product listing. It takes an advanced understanding of the search engine metrics that drive the rankings in order to become successful, especially when you are a startup and do not already have a strong reputation on Amazon.

Amazon rewards high sellers that have obtained a large number of positive customer feedback and reviews. They reward sellers that capitalize on clear and effective product titles, descriptions, photos, and bullet-lists.

Find out how 51Blocks can take your Amazon SEO to the next level. Contact us today for more information.


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