What if a customer wants to contact you, but you’re closed?

Have you been wondering if you have missed out on a prospective client or customer before? Are there times that you know a time zone difference may cause you to lose out on a good contact? Have there been situations arise when someone might need your business, but you are closed at the time they are looking to make contact about it? Live 24-hour chat support is a great way to put your business ahead of others and by using 51Blocks, you will be able to have that peace of mind. Being able to engage with each and every visitor, you can make a customer feel satisfied with a level of service provided around many different situations.


Having a good customer support system

Customer support is one of the most important parts of your business to ensure your customers or clients are satisfied with their experience.

We can do that for you at 51Blocks. Being able to provide great customer service to already existing customers and clients will help build a solid business relationship that will last. Wouldn’t it be great to think that you could offer support to everyone that deals with your business?

When people are satisfied with the service you are providing, they will likely repeat business and even tell others of their experiences. Maybe your business is somewhat small and doesn’t have the staff to address everything in a timely manner that may arise during the work day, with live customer chat from 51Blocks support for these situations could be handled quicker. Why not try to contact everyone you can? Why not give the best live customer support possible?


Live agents are here to help

Taking time to give detailed answers to individual customers and clients can be very time consuming and can take your staff or even yourself away from other projects that may be more important. With 51Blocks adding live customer support to your business, you will be increasing value to your business without taking away more of your time. Additional values of having a live customer service agent with 51Blocks are that your business will be engaging with people in real time, as soon as they may have a question or concern arise, no matter what time it is, or even what day it is.

With people working days and nights, weekdays and weekends, you never know when someone may have an inquiry and having a live customer service agent that can handle things is helpful to not miss a future customer or client. Let us help with all your live customer service chat support. Customers who have questions or concerns that are being answered quickly are more satisfied with their customer service experience. Answers would be given instantly with a live agent who can help. Keeping customers happy is important!


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