How Do I Improve Sales After Generating More Web Traffic?

It is hard to find anything more head scratching than working for months or years to finally grow the traffic that is coming to your website to acceptable numbers, only to find there is a lack of inaction.

When people visit a website they are obviously interested enough to learn more. If you offer a product or service, it means they are definitely willing to consider what you have to say.

At this point in time, one of two things are bound to happen. Either A) the person will commit and make a purchase leading to a successful “conversion”. In other scenarios, B) the visitor spends some time on the website before leaving and going elsewhere. Nothing happens. It results in inaction.

Conversion rates are incredibly critical to the success of a website not only because a small business wants to make a sale, but also because it directly impacts your rankings on Google, and other search engine providers.

It is extremely aggravating when you have worked very hard and invested a lot of time and money into growing your website or blog, only to fail to get conversions. If small businesses ever reach a brink of a meltdown, it is usually at this point that they are ready to quit and shutdown for good.

It is where we can come in and make the difference, changing your conversions for the better!


Calls To Action (CTAs) Lead to Better Engagement Metrics

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a systematic process that increases the percentage of site visitors that take a desired action. The action is exactly what you want to define it as: the filling out of a form, signing up for an email newsletter, or making an online purchase.

Conversion rate optimization examines the viewing habits of new visitors and what is leading to action, or more importantly inaction. CRO seeks to generate more conversions by a variety of methods, with one of the most common being clear and engaging calls to action, or CTAs.

The goal is to use CTAs and other methods to produce strong conversion pathways. The pathways help funnel users through an entry to conversion in the most efficient and less intrusive way possible. The goal is to improve both micro-conversions (filling out a form, signing up for emails, etc) and macro-conversions (signing up for a quote, making a sale, etc).

The all important “conversion rate” is calculated with the number of times a user completes a goal divided by your site traffic. This all important number is factored heavily into the metrics that help determine your listings on Google.

Conversion rate optimization benefits SEO in a number of different ways:


How 51Blocks Can Help

Without good conversion rates it is impossible to expect much from Google. The search engine rewards websites with high conversion rates because it is one of their best metrics for determining which websites are effective and resourceful, compared to those that are just trying to keyword stuff or generate traffic in manipulative ways.

Your calls to action can get people excited about a product or service and take immediate action whether its a micro-conversion or macro-conversion. In order to succeed online from a small business perspective, you must implement strong, imperative CTAs.

51Blocks is dedicated to creating the best conversion pathways for your business. Our sales funnels can lead to improved conversion rates and get you ranking on Google higher.

We can get a personalized plan put together for you ASAP that will begin to outline how we plan to improve your SEO and generate higher conversion rates. Get started with 51Blocks today!


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