Why Am I Not Getting Listed Locally?

There is nothing more frustrating that offering a product or service in a small market where you have little to no competition yet notice that when you search for your company on Google it is not coming up as the top search result.

Small businesses have a hard enough time as it is staying afloat in such a competitive environment where they not only compete with massive corporations, but other similar products and services on the web (even if they are sold thousands of miles away).

The internet is both a blessing and a curse for SMBs. On one hand, it has opened the door and completely revolutionized the way you can reach out to a bigger audience, which hopefully drives in more profits.

On the contrary, staying relevant and having a strong online presence in today’s landscape is not easy and just creates all that much more work for an entrepreneur. So how do you build or maintain a stellar website or blog without driving yourself crazy?

You cannot possibly expect to dominate a global market until you have a firm grasp of your own. So if your business listings are not where they need to be yet at a local level, it is time to tackle Step A before getting into Step B, C, and D.


Improve Local Search Results with Google My Business

Google My Business is a platform that is free to use and like most products offered by the tech giant, is incredibly important in getting yourself noticed through their search engine.

The online directory not only helps with your listings but makes sure that you dominate your local niche in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

Google My Business boosts the exposure of your organization by letting customers find out information about your SMB through a standard Google search or Google Maps. It also connects the directory to a number of third-party apps.

Google My Business is resourceful not only for startups but well-established companies that need to stay relevant on the web. You may think that having a great location and stellar word-of-mouth will keep driving in sales, but the vast majority of new customers find out about new businesses through Google Maps these days than anywhere else.

So there is never a wrong time to start using the online directory, regardless of how well established you are in your industry.


Get Help with 51Blocks Local Search Optimization

In addition to helping you set up a new Google My Business account, 51Blocks can ensure that your listings are consistent across all web platforms.

There are common pitfalls that plague some small businesses when it comes to why they are not doing well locally. Many of them are simple errors yet major no-nos in the eyes of Google. These include having inconsistent listings about:

51Blocks is here to help create, manage, or improve your online business listings. Additionally, we can help improve SEO in regards to local search results by creating locally targeted landing pages and blog posts that help you get picked up when, for example, someone searches for “best moving companies in Fargo, ND”.

51Blocks understands small businesses because we started out from humble beginnings and know exactly what it is like to make your mark in a specific niche, learn to conquer the local market, and then grow more through SEO optimization and SEM management.


Contact us today to find out how we can help build or improve your local search results and get you to the top spot on Google!


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