What if I don’t have time to respond to emails?

As a business owner, your time is probably spread between many aspects of your company.  A lack of response is not a good business practice. Sometimes even providing a short email response doesn’t feel like the answer, but when you completely ignore the emails, you are basically saying it doesn’t matter that you contacted our business.  What if you receive too many emails that you don’t have the ability to respond to them all? At 51Blocks we have a solution for all of those problems.


What is automation and lead generation?

When you have a potential customer contact your business you want to make every available effort to contact them.

Making contact leads to:

Personalized automation is leading the way in how businesses interact with their already existing customers as well as potential new customers.  Using 51Blocks to create a personalized email automation system for you will put your business on the path to engaging its customers.

Using a funnel system will keep potential new customers engaged while creating lead generation for the new contact.  At 51Blocks we make every effort to have our clients’ needs met, that way you won’t miss one more potential customer.

How would this turn into lead generation?  By using software to automate the information that you would like to use to create a lead.  The process is all computerized and will be able to provide better results from the information that you would like to collect.


How can I start doing this?

When trying to figure out what you need to do about automating your business you should ask yourself these questions:


At 51Blocks we understand how important your business is for you.  We want to help make things seamless and easier for your business to be successful.  Time is important to everyone. Being able to contact your customers directly without taking up more of your time is going to provide you with availability to do other necessary things.  Having your customer’s being spent wisely on your product or service will show from them receiving a response. It may just be the thing you need to take your business to the next level of growth.   


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