What Is The Best Way To Stand Out In A Competitive Market?

Unless you are really fortunate and have such a unique product or service to sell the chances are you have a small business that is in a very competitive market.

What makes the internet such a profitable place for a select few, and such a trainwreck for so many others is often the simple difference of how they rank on local searches.

Think about it. If you offer a common service, like landscaping and yard maintenance, you probably have at least 30-50 other companies within a 25 mile radius that offer the same service. Then, when you go online and open up the search for all landscaping companies within, for example, northern California you may quickly find yourself competing with hundreds of other companies for customers.

It does not take long to get drowned in the masses, and when it comes to online advertising and SEO rankings you must settle for only the best in order to compete.

Every day, millions of consumers search for local companies online with the intention of making a purchase. Of these consumers, 59 percent use Google to find the business. Of that figure, 61 percent stay locally because they search with a local keyword (i.e. “landscapers in Phoenix, AZ”) and thus get access to local companies.


Improve Local Search Optimization with Google Adwords

Local search optimization is an insider’s term for methods that help you dominate a local market through Google page rankings and listings. Since the majority of prospective customers will search and discover companies in your industry through Google, you must have a good presence on these platforms.

While your listings can (and do) get improved through organic approaches to SEO like improving content with relevant keywords, video content, social media, and other methods – paid searches are often the best way to get noticed when you are a startup.

Platforms like Google Adwords are paid services that help you get in front of new customers. When they search for a business like your organization, it takes front and center because you are willing to pay for results.

While the platform is not free, it only charges you per clicks or direct inquiries to your business which is a very practical function. However, like every other type of advertising it is not something you can just expect to throw money at and get instant results.

It still requires you to know where people are looking and how they search for products or services in order to have your digital ads pop up at the most appropriate times, and thus drive in more traffic and sales.


How 51Blocks Can Help

Digital marketing campaigns through Google Adwords and other display advertising methods are very helpful in giving new websites and startups a leg up and to start generating more traffic before the sites can develop more organically.

Simply sitting back and waiting for the day thousands of unique visitors will come to your website each day or month is not going to happen overnight, or if ever.

You need a very well established, unique, and thorough approach to master your industry on a local scale. Too often companies think big on the internet, which makes sense because the internet is a global market, yet you cannot master that market until you reach the local one first.

Are you ready to get started? 51Blocks understands local SEO better than any marketing firm largely because we built our own brand the same exact way, locally and using small business practices.

We are not an unrelatable, massive digital marketing agency or ad-hoc firm. We have simple and clear solutions for your SMB that is customizable and built specifically for your organization. We can help build your local searches through Google Adwords, display advertising, retargeting, and more.


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