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Increase Quality Website Traffic with Search Engine Marketing

Websites generally bring in more traffic through a couple of different methods:

Search marketing can encompass both terms as many utilize both SEM and SEO for building an audience.

Both methods rely on producing relevant keywords or search terms that people commonly use on Google to search for a product or service. When that keyword is strategically placed on your website, blog, social media, or video content it can lead to higher rankings on Google, which is the ultimate goal of any website.

Research demonstrates that your typical web search does not go very deep in the results process before deciding on a final option. In fact, nearly one-third of all search results lead in the first-page listing getting clicked on, while the second listing receives approximately 15 percent of the share, and 9 percent for the third ranking.

Therefore, if you are ranked below the top three for a primary keyword search, you have a very small chance of visitors clicking on your listing if it ranks outside the top three, if not the number one position.

More than 75 percent of all clicks go through the first page of search results so getting ranked high in Google is the primary objective for many small business owners.


How 51Blocks Can Help

Considering how dependent websites have become on Google and ranking high through its search engine, it is little surprise that small business owners turn to online marketing agencies to help grow their online presence.

51Blocks Search Engine Marketing is radically different in that we never make false promises to our clients, and we actually have dependable, legitimate strategies for SEO growth.

Our services include:

Search engine marketing is simplistic in theory yet far more sophisticated when acted upon. Our wide range of services can help with everything from White Label SEO to PPC, Local SEO to social media.

51Blocks understands that integrity and transparency is difficult to come across these days. We have no miracle, overnight sales pitch for you. Instead, we have time tested and legitimate strategies to help grow your website through search engine marketing.


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