How Do You Get Ranked Higher on Google?

You may not believe Google rules the world, but when you break down its impact on the World Wide Web it starts to change the way you look at it.

How important is the internet to the current world? Extremely, almost unprecedentedly important. What is the primary way people find out about you online? Google.

Therefore, if you are like just about any other small business on the market you know that having a strong online identity is important. But how can you seriously expect to grow your online audience without ranking high on Google search results? The bottom line is you realistically cannot.

People search and discover new products, services, and sources of information through the immensely popular search engine when not connecting to them via social media.

The problem is people do not have much time or a will to search too deep, meaning that the highest ranking listing on Google is bound to get a high percentage of clicks, followed closely by the second and third ranking. If your listing is buried any further down, or not even close to the first page on searches, then it is impossible to expect much in terms of new growth.

So how do you stand out?


Search Engine Optimization Ranks You Higher in Google

Search engine optimization, more commonly referred to as SEO, is the number one tool you have for generating more traffic to your SMB. It is simple to understand in theory yet far more difficult to correctly execute.

It is why so many small business owners rely on a digital marketing service to help with SEO. However, just like everyone claims to know how to paint a house, there is a difference between having your nephew Jim do it, and an actual professional.

SEO maximizes your audience by creating keywords in your content (text, video, social media, etc) that comes up when people search for the same terms on Google. For example, someone that searches for ‘qualified painters in Denver CO” are expecting to get relevant results on Google, and do which makes the search engine so reliable.

Yet if your website is failing to rank high on search results of keywords that should allow your SMB to rank high – there is a problem.

Search engines like Google are constantly updating their metrics in order to determine the value of websites, and how they should rank accordingly. It is an evolving process that requires advanced, professional services to adequately understand and incorporate.


Get Help With 51Blocks SEO Strategies

Websites take time to dominate search results because they need to build up a reputation. However, search engine optimization can vastly improve the wait period for this to happen, and start demonstrating value relatively quickly.

51Blocks understands that SEO is reliant upon engagement metrics. Google uses these metrics to determine how to rank websites. The search engine asks questions like:

  •     How long are users spending on the website?
  •     How many internal web pages do they average visiting?
  •     How much time is spent on each page?
  •     Do visitors exit the website before or after completing a path to conversion?
  •     Did the site answer the inquiry of the original search result?

These questions are actionable and answered by delivering valuable and authoritative content through the website or blog.

Securing the promise land and getting ranked on the first page, if not the top three listings on Google for relevant keywords is the major difference between SMBs that succeed and those that ultimately self-destruct on the web.


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